Flame Lamination

Flame lamination provides the mechanical bonding of foam to rolls of vinyl or fabric for many applications including headliners, upholstered seating, and any application where the textile requires some foam backing. This process is the least expensive way to apply foam to rolled goods and is the preferred process for many OEM applications.

Adhesive Lamination

Our process of laminating multiple substrates using either water-based or hot melt adhesive provides endless opportunities.


Whether a rigid or flexible substrate is needed, our process of providing a customer-specific sheeted product strives for unparalleled accuracy and the elimination of any scrap at the customer level. Let us provide the staged product exactly how you need it...ready to use!


Whether it is needed for air flow or product design, our strike-through perforation process can be achieved on virtually any leather and vinyl, as well as some constructions of fabric. When consistent quality and accuracy are paramount to the project, let our experienced operators use our world-class engineered equipment to perform the task.

Custom Cutting

When cutting fabric, vinyl, or other roll goods, we use computerized Gerber cutting equipment to maximize yield and efficiency while completely eliminating any tooling cost. For leather, we elect to employ the art of hand-cutting to ensure best yield and adherence to esthetic requirements. This provides perfectly cut parts delivered to your facility at a known cost that includes labor and utilization factors.

Radio Frequency Sealing

Fabric Services offers radio-frequency sealing to provide embossed logos, decorative lines, or to seal component edges for numerous upholstery applications. This process, also known as heat sealing or dielectric sealing, allows for a wide array of design options.

Warehouse Distribution

Fabric Services operates as a warehouse distributor, buying mill dye lot quantities and distributing them in smaller quantities to its customers. Extensive inventory is carried in order to ensure that customers have the product availability they need.